Nerd Out Toy-show

The Nerd Out Toy-show is a local Michigan convention out of the city of Ferndale Since 2017. They specialize in rare action figures, comic books and retro video games. Randy and Tommy are the ones who run the show and were nice enough to sit down with me and talk about how this all got started. In the podcast we go over how they got into collecting, what pop culture they grew up on and still follow to this day, also running their own convention. Had a great time chatting with them about all sorts of nerd topics. Have a listen and find out more about what they have going on!

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Suikoden Series

Ultimate Nerd Podcast sets out on a grand adventure to discuss the epic JRPG series Suikoden. You can not talk about JRPGs without bringing up one of these titles. We go over each game and what drew us into this series. Also some of the not so great things that came out of this series. There is a lot to cover about the world of Suikoden and we hope we enjoy our deep dive into this beloved series.